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About us
All Access Tuning is a Performance Parts and Tuning shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in Dyno Testing , Parts and EFI tuning.


Weather you have a mild bolt on street car or a highly modified track car. We spend the time to properly adjust and tune speed density based systems, cold start tables, closed loop fueling, Electronic Boost Control, MAF Scaling and other Custom Map applications. We specialize in Open Source factory ecu tuning, Ecutek, Cobb, AEM and other stand alone ems systems. Please feel free to Contact Us for any tuning questions.

All Access Tuning has a In-House Mustang AWD 150SE Eddy Current Loaded Chassis Dynamometer. We have the ability to dyno test 2WD and AWD vehicles from many makes and models. Our dynamometer is mechanically linked to insure proper wheel speed between the front and rear rollers which prevents drive train damage and traction control system errors when testing AWD vehicles.

Please have your vehicle free of any mechanical issues, Oil or Coolant leaks, Boost leaks or Drive-train Problems prior to scheduling an appointment. No repair or parts installs will take place while the vehicle is strapped to the dyno.

Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment.